Fortnite leak reveals two new Exotic weapons, one with a speed perk

Epic introduced multiple big changes with the current Fortnite season, one of which is the addition of interactive NPCs that make it possible to trade gold bars for Exotic weapons. These items are very powerful and offered in limited quantities, but you have to use them wisely as it takes time to grind away for enough gold.

Exotic weapons are quite powerful and, until now, you had to fight a boss character in order to get one. With the introduction of gold bars, Fortnite makes it possible for players to purchase an exotic weapon from an NPC — though there's still some fighting to do when it comes to getting the Mandalorian's incredible sniper rifle.

A new leak from game data miner HYPEX indicates that Epic will turn a popular player combo into an actual Exotic weapon called the 'Run Gun SMG.' This weapon will, at least according to the leak, combine the Rapid-Fire SMG with a speed boost perk akin to the chili pepper, enabling the player to run quickly while wielding the firearm.

That would make this the most interesting of the two weapons, with the other leaked Exotic being a 'Freeze AR' that hits opponents with the equivalent of a Chiller Trap. This would likely be far less popular, though it could have its uses, particularly when it comes to catching enemies in a precariously high location.

There's also mention of a 'Slurp Bazooka,' which would presumably function like the bandage bazooka, just for slurp shields instead of bandages. The data miner says this item may have been scrapped, though it's unclear what gives this indication.