Fortnite leak indicates beastly wolves will appear on the island soon

A new Fortnite leak has surfaced and there's a good reason to believe it. Streamer Tabor Hill, who has a solid history of major (and accurate) game leaks, claims that beastly wolves (or beasts similar to wolves) will arrive in the game this season, ones that may be friends or foes depending on how you approach them.

Tabor Hill is the streamer behind the major season three leaks revealing the then-upcoming presence of a flooded island, rideable sharks, and a bunch of other things that eventually proved true. Leaking the information was controversial — while some players liked the news, others cried foul over the spoilers.

Hill said in a video published the day before the Season 4 conclusion that he won't provide any major spoilers due to the controversy, but he does have a couple of hints about things that may arrive in the newly released Season 5: a giant chicken skin and wolves — or, he notes, some kind of beast that resembles wolves.

These beastly wolves, as we'll call them, sound like they'll be wild when they arrive in the game, but Hill says that players may be able to tame them. What happens when you tame a wolf? No idea, but they could possibly be used to attack opponents or something similar.

The skin featuring a giant baby chicken wouldn't be terribly surprising, either — Epic has already given players many fun skins, including the giant banana that slowly turns brown during matches, the water drop, and similar things. Neither item has appeared in the game yet, so we'll have to wait and see if they arrive in a future update.