Fortnite leak hints new types of consumable fish coming soon

It's no secret that fish offer far more health and shields per second compared to more traditional consumables in Fortnite, prompting players to stock up on these items over bandages and shields. Given that the game's island is now covered almost entirely with water, it makes sense for Epic to add new types of fish...something recently detailed in a new leak.

The leak comes from known data-miner HYPEX on Twitter, the same account that has correctly shared many upcoming Fortnite features in the past. This time around, the account claims that Epic is gearing up to add new types of consumable fish to the game, adding them alongside the existing fish and new types of fruit and vegetables.

These new consumable fish won't be limited to just healing and shields, at least based on the leaked names. There's one called 'Thermal Flopper,' for example, which indicates that it will give the players that use it a temporary thermal vision for spying other players using their heat signature. As well, there's a Hop Flopper that may give players the low-gravity hop experienced in past game modes.

Less clear is the Fire Flopper and Jelly Flopper, both of which have ambiguous names — it seems doubtful that these will actually turn players into fire and jelly, so we'll have to wait to see what they're about. Finally, there's the Shield Flopper, which will presumably give players 50 shield points like the big shield drinkable item.

According to the leak, these new fish will be found in fish loot spots in the bodies of water just like Floppers and Slurp Fish, but the items are disabled in-game for now. Epic is likely still testing the new fish items, so we'll probably see them arrive in a future update during the new Season 3 gameplay.