Fortnite Horde Rush LTM returns with an entirely new map

As Epic previously teased, Fortnite's Horde Rush LTM is back again, tasking players with destroying as many cube monsters as possible. The LTM comes with related quests that some players feel have too high of requirements, though whether Epic ends up making adjustments is yet to be seen. Among other things, this year's LTM brings a new map.

Horde Rush LTM is available for teams or random players to join together in a battle against waves of cube monsters, including one particularly tall and lanky monster. The Storm continues to move inward as the waves grow stronger, giving players a shot at raking in a bunch of points, but with victory more difficult than ever.

The LTM's return is part of this year's wider Fortnitemares event, which involves a battle royale island full of Halloween decorations (even the Battle Bus has a costume). You can, as with previous years, collect candy from buckets in front of houses for unique consumables, the witch's broom item is back, and there are some new seasonal items like a scythe.

As for the Horde Rush event, players have the opportunity to unlock some unique rewards, but the points you need to get the items are pretty astronomical: 200,000 for a spraypaint and 2,000,000 for an emote. These are, however, collective team points, meaning you don't need to personally earn them all yourself — you'll just need to pick your teammates well.

The recent update that brought this LTM also ushered in the previously-leaked cube city found in the center of the island. This destination is made entirely of cubes, some of them bouncy, where players can battle it out in a unique environment that's relatively plentiful in loot.