Fortnite Helicopters arrive: Here's what players should know

As expected, Epic Games has added helicopters as the newest vehicles in its hit game Fortnite. The vehicle was first teased by Epic itself in the current season's launch trailer; it can also be found on the game's website. Following multiple leaks and ample speculation, the company has officially revealed the new vehicle with a brief look at Deadpool, as well.

The new helicopters operate exactly as you'd expect. Teams of up to four players plus the pilot can get into the 'Choppas,' as Epic calls them, meaning they have the same capacity as the former plane vehicle. There are helicopter landing pads located throughout the map, including a formerly hidden one in Pleasant Park.

Epic introduced the Choppa with a launch video that includes a look at the game's most exciting new skin: Deadpool. The character is seen hanging out at a bridge near the mountains where he is innocently fishing in the river below. A helicopter suddenly appears behind him with a team ready to attack.

Deadpool repeatedly performs backflips on the bridge to dodge shots. It's unclear whether this hints at an ability the Deadpool skin will feature, however — Epic has been light on the details regarding this tie-in. It's unclear how long Epic plans to keep helicopters in the game.

Choppa is only one of a number of changes to the game with the latest update. The battle royale island now features an explosion at The Rig, which is the oil rig located in the waters around the island, as well as an oil spill. The soccer field is now open at Pleasant Park so that the helicopter pad is accessible, plus there's a new Limited Time Mode.