Fortnite Heavy Shotgun bug lets players shoot through walls

Walls won't protect you from this Fortnite Heavy Shotgun bug. The issue came to light on the FortniteBR subreddit, where a user revealed how an opponent was able to eliminate him through a brick wall by exploiting a tricky downward-angle shot after the wall had been placed. Additional experiments revealed that the trick can be replicated.Fortnite features three different materials for building structures: brick, wood, and metal. The brick material features small gaps between some individual bricks, which is nice for getting a glimpse of one's opponents, but apparently bad for staying alive.

Redditor "Airaga" shared a video showing how an opponent was able to shoot him with a Heavy Shotgun through a brick wall, and how to replicate the issue. The exploit only appears to work with the Heavy Shotgun weapon, which features a slim snout on the front.

Based on the video, a player with one of these shotguns can stand in front of a brick wall gap, position their weapon downward slightly, and then jump and fire. If the shot is done at the right angle while the player is in the air, the burst will go through the wall and likely strike the player inside...potentially eliminating them if they're close to the shot when it happens.

Attempts to replicate the exploit with a different shotgun didn't work. Though pulling off the shot may be tricky at first, Playground Mode provides players with the opportunity to practice the move. Once mastered, assuming Epic doesn't fix it quickly, players may need to avoid brick or readjust how they build structures to ensure they stay safe.