Fortnite 'god mode' BRUTE exploit makes players invincible

Every so often, a Fortnite player discovers a bug that gives them some sort of competing edge, though rarely are they capable of giving the player a Victory Royale. A newly discovered exploit involving the BRUTE mech suit and Junk Rift items is of the rarest variety, transforming players into unkillable victory machines.

The exploit was discovered by OrangeGuy, who demonstrated how to pull off the bug in the video below. It's relatively simple to perform, but hard to arrange: you'll need two Junk Rift items and one mech suit, as well as enough time away from the rest of the players to complete the actions.

The entire exploit involves throwing two Junk Rift items at a BRUTE, then jumping into the mech suit immediately. Before the Rifts rain down junk on the BRUTE, players need to use the suit to stomp, then jump out of the suit before it gets pummeled by junk. The mech suit will explode and the player will become an unkillable phantom.

There's a downside to the exploit — you can no longer pick up anything and you can't shoot any weapons. The bright side, however, is that no one can kill you; all weapons phase through the player, enabling them to run around without risk. The second to last player in a match will eventually die in the Storm and the unkillable player will get the Victory Royale.

That's exactly what we see happen in OrangeGuy's video, showing how severe the exploit is. Players will no doubt use this bug to rack up victories before Epic finally patches the bug, something that'll likely happen quickly once the company learns about the issue. It's unclear whether Epic will be able to reverse the victories, taking them from players who used the bug to get them.