Fortnite Flopper survival strategy has some players frustrated

A new Fortnite survival strategy has gone viral and some players are frustrated about it. The method involves the Flopper, which is an in-game orange fish that can be found in the game's lakes and used to regain some health. A new video highlights how the Flopper can be used as part of a strategy to stay in the Storm for as long as possible, helping give the player an edge over their opponents.

It's not unusual for Fortnite players to develop unique strategies using available in-game items and vehicles. Sometimes these strategies involve taking advantage of bugs or unanticipated side effects of new items; others simply involve using items the way they're intended but highlighting the way those items can end up giving the player a serious advantage.

We see the latter case in a new video from streamer and pro Fortnite player Bugha, who recently used the game's Replay Mode to figure out how an opponent managed to destroy his squad from within the Storm. Spoiler alert: It involved 11 Flopper fish, which were used to camp in the Storm without running out of health.

The Flopper isn't something you find in chests or supply drops — you must fish for them in the new island's various lakes, rivers, streams, and swamps. It takes some time to collect them, but if you land near a body of water around the center of the first circle, you can spend quite a bit of time fishing without ever encountering another player.

Floppers have an 'Uncommon' rarity level and give the player 50 health points; that's compared to the common Small Fry fish that gives 25 health up to a total of 75 health points, the Epic tier Slurpfish that gives 50 health points or 50 shield, and the Legendary tier Mythic Goldfish, which deals 90 damage to enemies.