Fortnite Fish Fiesta promises a week of rare fish and weapons

Starting today, Epic has kicked off Fortnite Fish Fiesta in its battle royale game, part of its ongoing Wild Weeks event that brings a notable change to the island every seven days. This time around, players will benefit from a boost to Fortnite's fishing holes, including longer fishing durations and the promise of rare fish.

Though fishing holes have been around in Fortnite for a while, it has only been during the recent past that they've offered a greater variety of fish. If you're lucky, and assuming you're using a more powerful pole, you'll retrieve high-tier weapons and rare fish, the latter of which offers special abilities like generating rifts on the spot.

Fortnite Fish Fiesta will increase your odds of pulling rare fish from the fishing holes, which will offer up more weapons and fish per hole than usual. As well, Epic says that the weapons retrieved from these spots will be tiered at a Rare level or higher, making them hot spots for getting ideal firearms.

The Pro Fishing Rod, which is needed to pull more rare items from the fishing holes, will also be more plentiful around the battle royale island for the next week, giving players the opportunity to quickly amass a notable loadout. As with other Wild Weeks, this will force players to adjust their strategies while helping keep things feeling fresh.

Epic points out that this week will be a good time for players to fill out their Fishing Collection Book and to complete the Legendary Quest from Turk. You have until May 20 at 10 AM ET to take advantage of the amplified fishing holes before the Fiesta week ends and the next Wild Week begins.