Fortnite Editing Exploit Lets Players Shoot Through Walls

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been live for a couple of weeks now and bugs are still rolling in. As expected, players have noticed different issues that can be exploited, some of which have already been fixed. The latest discover mirrors an older exploit: it's possible to shoot through your own builds by making a few simple edits. The exploit enables hiding players to shoot their opponents without revealing themselves.

A Fortnite player has uploaded a video showing the build exploits that are still live in the game, offering different moves that — when performed — make the game think the player is located outside of the ramp they've built. By tricking the game in this way, players can shoot through the structure, hitting opponents who won't realize they can shoot back.

The edits are simple, though perhaps too involved for someone to whip out during gameplay unless they've sharpened their editing skills. The idea is that by, for example, building a ramp or a pyramid and then editing it in certain ways, the player's feet will register as being on the ground, not the ramp.

The game allows the player to shoot through the structure because, from its point of view, the player isn't blocked by it. The opponent, however, won't see this change and therefore will not shoot at the player because they will appear to be located safely behind a ramp. This gives the player who edits an unfair advantage.

Though the exploit isn't such a big deal in regular matches, it can be used during Competitive gameplay, which has happened in the past. Exploiting these bugs is frowned upon by some fans, but can ultimately be incorporated as part of the player's strategy if necessary.