Fortnite dumpster hiding bug catapults players to their death

If you're playing Fortnite this weekend, beware of a newly discovered bug that is turning dumpsters into deadly destinations for some players. As recently highlighted on Reddit, this bug is impacting players as they attempt to exit the dumpster, causing them to skyrocket upward with a trail of smoke behind them. Once they finally return to their proper form, they're sent to their death below.

The arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a number of major changes to the game, some of them making entirely new strategies possible. The ability to hide in haystacks and dumpsters are one of these changes; when close to them, players can press a button to jump inside of the pile of hay or garbage bin, where they remain until they press the button to jump out.

So hiding in a dumpster turned me into a dementor? from r/FortNiteBR

A bug recently shared on Reddit by 'Bigdog-475' reveals a problem with this mechanic, one that will potentially send players shooting into the air as a puff of dust -- a 'dementor,' the bug is being called. Players below won't see you shooting off, but that's not a good thing. Unlike past bugs that also made the player invincible, this one doesn't.

Once the bug finally ends and the player's character reappears from the puff of smoke -- something that was supposed to happen a fraction of a second after existing the dumpster -- they fall straight to the ground, where they take fall damage and have to be revived (assuming it's not a Solo match).

The bug doesn't affect players every time they enter the dumpster -- the video above shows the players successfully exiting the garbage bin multiple times before the bug happened. Still, it's a big risk to enter the dumpsters during a match while the bug remains unfixed -- it could destroy one's chance at getting a victory or, at best, completely delay the team's progress.