Fortnite Deadpool skin finally inbound: Here's what to expect

After weeks of waiting, it is finally happening: Fortnite's Deadpool tie-in is about to go live with the launch of the character skin. The news was confirmed on the official Deadpool Twitter account, where Marvel confirmed that its Deadpool skin will arrive in Fortnite starting on Friday, April 3. Here's what to expect.

The Deadpool tie-in has been known since the game's Chapter 2, Season 2 went live. Epic kicked things off with a trailer that includes Deadpool; as well, the character can be found isolated in a grimy bathroom within the Fortnite Battle Pass and Challenges screen. The company teases the character on its official Fortnite website and it included the character in its recently published 'Choppa' video.

Players have been waiting for information on when the Deadpool skin would finally be available and now we know: April 3. Deadpool said in his tweet that he is bringing tacos and music, but other than that, we have few details to go on that this time. It remains to be seen how big of a tie-in this Deadpool arrival is, however — are we only getting a skin or will there be more?

Some past tie-ins have included major game island changes, such as when the Batman universe took over the Tilted Towers location. Other tie-ins have been minor, however, such as the 'IT' crossovers with nothing more than some random red balloons and the Stranger Things tie-in with some oozing portals and skins.

Given that Deadpool has been presented since the start of the season and has had some type of presence in the game this entire time, it seems likely that Epic has something skewed toward 'substantial' in the pipeline, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow. Past leaks have indicated, as the image above shows, that Deadpool will take over the Yacht and the Battle Bus and that there will be related challenges.