Fortnite Crew subscription's 'Galaxia' exclusive is about to disappear

If you're a Fortnite Crew subscriber, you only have a few days left to grab the Galaxia Crew Pack before it disappears. The bundle is only made available to players who pay for the monthly plan, which launched in recent weeks with certain perks that appeal to diehard fans, including the seasonal Battle Pass.

News about the Fortnite Crew Pack first surfaced in the form of a survey that quizzed players about their willingness to pay for a monthly subscription and what they'd expect from it at various price points. Soon after that survey appeared on Twitter, Epic officially launched the plan.

In the final version of Crew Pack, players pay $11.99/month to get access to exclusive items, as well as a monthly drop of 1,000 V-Bucks (the equivalent of about $10) and access to the current season's Battle Pass. The plan may be a bit pricey for casual players, but it works out well for those who always buy the Battle Pass and regularly purchase cosmetics.

The exclusive items included with the Crew plan rotate out with each month, meaning you have a limited about of time to grab the items before they disappear and are replaced by the next month's items. Epic recently shared a reminder on Twitter that 'Galaxia' will soon be rotated out to make room for January's wares.

Fortnite is now firmly in the fifth season of its second chapter, one that doesn't have a single big crossover like Season 4, but that does include many notable changes and smaller tie-ins. In addition to getting a Mandalorian skin, all signs point toward an upcoming crossover with the Predator universe.