Fortnite Crew bundle for July 2021 brings Marvel's god of mischief

Epic has revealed the content that'll be included with the July 2021 Fortnite Crew bundle. The pack will revolve around Loki, specifically the god of mischief found in Marvel's superhero universe. Players who still haven't purchased the Season 7 Battle Pass will also get it with next month's Crew pack, as well as other rewards.

The company revealed its plan for next month's Fortnite Crew pack but didn't actually reveal the Loki skin. We've heard rumors that the god of mischief would arrive on the battle royale island soon, so it's not surprising to see that it'll be available as part of the subscription.

The Loki bundle will replace the current Mecha Cuddle Master Crew pack offered for June. Players will get the expected 1,000 V-Bucks alongside the Loki skin, as well as skin's pickaxe and back bling — though we don't yet know what those two latter items will look like.

There are still five days left in the current season's battle pass, so we'll likely see the July bundle unveiled in the very near future. If you're a current Fortnite Crew subscriber, you still have time to get the Mecha Cuddle Master and other items.

Assuming the larger Loki crossover that has been rumored is true, we'll likely see the skin hit the Item Shop at minimum. This won't be the first time Marvel characters have arrived in the game, and not all players are happy that they're back again.