Fortnite comic books are inbound, but not in the way you think

Epic Games is gearing up to release Fortnite comic books, at least according to a new leak, but they won't be the kind you can wrap up for a gift. Rather, data-miners have found evidence of digital Fortnite comic books that will only exist within the game, making them accessible to players using a built-in comics reader. Here's what we know.

Given Fortnite's popularity, it makes sense for Epic to release comic books related to the game lore. Fans have complained at times about the lack of a more solid storyline for the game, which largely revolves around loose plots with vague story changes and occasional big events. Comic books could provide a way to elaborate on these characters, their stories, and the history of the battle royale island.

According to notorious data-miner account HYPEX, a source has reached out and said that Fortnite will get digital in-game comic books that are accessible using an integrated digital comics reader. The update released this week includes a file called ComicReader, seemingly verifying the claim.

Based on a video of the feature shared by the account, the comic books will be available to read within the Battle Pass screen in the game; the leak shows the comics available on a metal drum in the tab. Clicking on the item zooms in on the content, pulling up the comic in fullscreen with a page counter and, presumably, the ability to move around in the content.

Now the big question remains: what kind of comic books will Epic release in Fortnite? In addition to lore about the game itself, it is possible that the feature may be used to offer third-party comic books in the game, or perhaps crossovers with the DC universe to go alongside the superhero game tie-ins. Only time will tell, however.