Fortnite Chipotle Challenger Series will give winners a lot of burritos

Casual Mexican food restaurant Chipotle has announced its own Fortnite Challenger Series that will take place starting later this week, giving gamers the opportunity to win some cash and a whole lot of burritos. Called the Chipotle Challenger Series, the competition will take place over the next couple of weeks and will include 'popular streamers,' including NickEh30, Myth, Bugha, and more.

Epic, the creator of Fortnite, has its own esports series of events, but joining them are smaller competitions — most of them online — that have offered up prizes ranging from exclusive skins and wraps to cash. In this case, Chipotle is offering up $50,000 to winners, as well as that aforementioned year of free burritos.

The first of the four event qualifiers will take place on September 17 later this week, followed by the rest on September 24. This will be an online competition for qualifying teams, the finalists of whom will compete in the event's Final on October 1.

A total of four teams — one from each Qualifier — will compete in the Final tournament next month. The company teases that these final four teams will 'have the opportunity to compete against fan favorites in esports as well as Chipotle-fan gamers in sports, music, and entertainment.' The full terms can be found on the Chipotle Challenger Series event page.

Qualifying teams can register to participate in the Qualifiers via the Battlefy website now. As expected, the competition will be available for anyone to watch — you'll need to tune into the Chipotle Twitch account to find the stream.