Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 update is here and it's one big Marvel crossover

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has arrived, as just as the teasers suggested, the theme this time centered around is Marvel superheroes. Marvel is no stranger to its Fortnite team-ups, but this time the crossover goes quite a bit deeper. Not only will we see Marvel locations in-game, but players will also be able to unlock a variety of Marvel outfits through Season 4's battle pass.

Epic stopped publishing patch notes for Fortnite updates quite some time ago, but a quick look at the Fortnite website tells us what we can expect from this Marvel promo nonetheless. The new season is called Nexus War, and it looks like a number of Marvel heroes and villains will be teaming up to do battle with Galactus.

Players will be able to unlock various Marvel outfits – including Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Thor, Groot, Doctor Doom, and She Hulk – through Season 4's battle pass. They'll also be able to wield superpowers like Doctor Doom's arcane gauntlets and Silver Surfer's board, with Epic promising that more superpowers will be added to the game as we progress through the season. Just as well, a number of Marvel-themed locations have been added to Fortnite's map, including the SHIELD Helicarrier that featured prominently in the MCU.

It seems that Wolverine will play a fairly big role in this season, as you'll be able to unlock his skin by completing a series of challenges. We'll also see the Stark Industries Energy Rifle added as a new weapon for Season 4, with Epic calling it "a distinct weapon with a different benefit depending on how you aim." You'll even be able to read a prequel comic that explains how all of these heroes and villains made it to Fortnite's island by visiting the in-game Helicarrier room.

So, while the theme for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 is indeed a familiar one, it seems that Marvel and Epic are going quite a bit further than they have for previous Fortnite team-ups. You can check out the trailers for Chapter 2, Season 4 and its battle pass above, but otherwise, download the update and check out the new content for yourself.