Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 floods the world, adds Aquaman

After a long wait that was punctuated by multiple delays, Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is here. As expected, Fortnite's map has been flooded, which means that some familiar locations are completely underwater. It also means that there are some new traversal options available to players – specifically, these traversal options involve sharks.

Yes, if boats aren't quite your style, you can pull out your fishing pole, hook a shark, and then ride the waves with it. That's one of the new features shipping along with Season 3, though you'll also find new challenges to complete as you play through the season. You'll even encounter new marauders who will drop into the game and and attempt to take you out.

It sounds like the map will be constantly changing as we progress throughout the new season. Epic says that the waters will recede as time goes on, eventually revealing submerged locations. Not only will you then be able to fight in them again, but we imagine that the receding waters will probably reveal some secrets as well.

As you level up throughout the season, you'll be able to put together your very own umbrella too. You'll unlock new colors by completing challenges, while you'll unlock new components by leveling up your battle pass. Speaking of the battle pass, the main attraction in the new one for Season 3 is a wildly appropriate Aquaman skin featuring Jason Momoa's portrayal of the character.

As always, that battle pass also comes with a number of different unlockables, be they emotes, gliders, weapon wraps, skins, or pickaxes. You can check out more of the items that are included in the battle pass either in the trailer above or over on the Fortnite website, but otherwise, hop into the game and check out Season 3 for yourself.