Fortnite cars bug is causing eliminations and players aren't happy

Fortnite seems to be experiencing a bug involving cars, which isn't surprising considering that they were just added to the game days ago. Players who have been with the battle royale game for a while have dealt with their fair share of bugs, many of which are minor and some of which are even beneficial (assuming you don't get banned for exploiting them). Then there are the death bugs — they are, quite obviously, a big problem.

Cars are, of course, the latest variety of vehicles in Fortnite battle royale (there are also trucks and semis). These vehicles function just like any other video game, offering the ability to quickly travel across the map, assuming you stay on the road and don't run out of gas. The cars have proven popular and refreshing, but they're not without bugs.

I think the cars might be a little bugged from r/FortNiteBR

Some players are reporting an issue in which striking certain objects in the game while riding in a car may cause the player -- and any passengers -- to be eliminated. This is unfortunate for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that the cars don't have the greatest handling and bumping into something is pretty much a guarantee.

Bugs that result in eliminations are the most severe variety in Fortnite, potentially costing players a match. While that's not so much of a big deal during casual gameplay, it can have fairly heft repercussions for players in an Arena or other tournament match.

This isn't the first time players have encountered random elimination bugs. The game has had several 'sudden death' spots in past seasons -- random places on the map where you'd spontaneously die if you passed through it, leaving behind your loot. This loot would attract other players who would then die, causing the pile to grow in size.

As for the car glitch, it's unclear how many areas are prone to causing sudden eliminations. Players have narrowed it down to a particular street lamp in Misty Meadows, while other players have crashed into items, only to end up under the map. Epic is looking into the matter.