Fortnite cardboard box glitch makes players totally invisible

Fortnite is known for its various glitches, the most extreme of which are typically patched quickly by Epic. The company even maintains a public Trello account where players can monitor which bugs are in the pipeline for a fix, as well as the priority Epic has given them. Despite this, some bugs remain in the game and one involves a popular item; with it, players can make themselves invisible.

On Friday, popular Australian streamer LazarBeam published a video drawing attention to the bug and how easily it enables players to take out unsuspecting opponents. Put simply, all you need is to hide in a cardboard box, then crouch while aiming. It may take a couple of tries, but soon enough you'll find yourself standing in an open box and you'll be totally invisible.

Because you're invisible to other players, you'll be able to easily eliminate anyone who stands nearby, at least until the bug becomes common knowledge and players start taking out boxes as a precaution. The glitch only works if you use the harpoon gun — using a shotgun, for example, causes the firearm to be visible, ruining the illusion.

Of course, there's one giveaway to the bug — the box is open and it's only a matter of time before players learn that they need to avoid boxes with open tops. Until then, however, players can easily get kills and evade detection simply by running around in a box.

In addition to this glitch, the video also reveals how players can win a match by exploiting a helicopter glitch, enabling them to exceed the Choppa's maximum height and travel so high in the sky that no one below can see them. All you need is two players, one as the pilot and the second with a grappler. By repeatedly hitting the pilot with the grappler, the Choppa will rise, taking it too high to destroy during the final circle.