Fortnite Captain America outfit lets you be the First Avenger

Independence Day in the US this year is going to be a rather memorable one given the rather complex mix of situations there right now. Some might decide to just spend it indoors while still spending it with others in some good old Internet-based social experience. For some, that means competing with masses of other players to stay on top of Fortnite ranking and now gamers can even literally wear a bit of that American spirit with Fortnite's new Captain America themed items.

This isn't the first time a Captain America theme landed on Fortnite. His iconic shield was available for a limited time last year as a promotional event for the Avengers: Endgame film. You could wear Cap's shield back then but that that was pretty much it.

This time, however, Fortnite's July 4 celebration will let you actually be and fight like Marvel's First Avenger. The outfit includes the Proto-Adamantium Shield Pickaxe and Back Bling, which means that you can not only wear the shield on your back, you can actually use it as a tool. Sadly, you still can't throw it like the mighty shield.

There's also a new emote that goes perfectly with your tight suit. Well, almost perfectly. The Grand Salute Emote is more fireworks than salute, making you think Cap's hiding some behind him.

Fortnite is, of course, no stranger to tie-ins with comic book franchises from both sides of the fence. Marvel fan favorites like Deadpool and Black Window have become part of last year's events. The game also introduced Batman and Catwoman skins last year to celebrate Batman Day, complete with a custom experience that ties in to the dark knight's grim world.