Fortnite C2 Season 3 players find a new infinite metal glitch

Harvesting during a regular (that is, a non-Team Rumble) match in Fortnite requires quite a bit of time and effort, particularly if you're trying to max out your materials without the aid of supply drops or other caches. Infinite harvesting glitches have proven useful in the past and now, only a day after the season's release, another has been found in a new Season 3 destination.

Wood is the easiest material to harvest in Fortnite, but it is also the weakest; it is useful when you need to quickly build a structure since it doesn't take as long to complete, however. Metal and brick both take more effort to harvest and take longer to be fully built, but ultimately offer more protection and require more of your opponent's resources to break down.

During Chapter 2 – Season 2, Fortnite players discovered an infinite metal glitch that allowed players to harvest as much metal as they wanted — by heading to this location, players could easily max out their metal and use it to their advantage during gameplay. Epic eventually fixed the bug, removing the exploit.

Now, only a day into the new season, Fortnite players have discovered the same bug, but at a different location. You'll need to visit the greyed out areas of the new game island to unlock Catty Corner, a new destination that includes a gas station and gas pumps. Hitting one of these gas pumps results in a bug that gives infinite metal.

Infinite Metal Glitch In season 3 from r/FortNiteBR

Of course, if you hit any of the other three gas pumps, they will catch on fire and explode, causing damage. The right pump to hit depends on your location, but can be viewed in the demonstration video above. The new season is available to download and play now -- it brings a new island design with massive flooding and ample destruction (and sharks).