Fortnite bug lets players open weapon vaults without key cards

One of the most coveted destinations in Fortnite Chapter 2 are the vaults, which are locked rooms full of loot crates and high-tier weapons. There are only a few of these vaults and they can only be opened with a key card being held by a boss NPC that must first be eliminated. The time it takes to get into the vault makes it a gamble, but a new key-skipping bug has changed this in a big way.

The new bug was discovered (or, at least, first detailed by) YouTuber Glitch King, who has shared a video demonstrating how to pull off the exploit. With this method — which requires a bit of prep — players can enter any game vault without the key card, but you'll need an upgrade bench and Choppa.

If you have both of those items, you'll also need a partner; this exploit can't be pulled off by only a single player. The process involves clearing away space around the square that is over the vault. You'll also need to destroy the surface over the vault, revealing its impenetrable roof. Finally, one player will need to land the Choppa directly in front of the exposed vault.

From there, the player moves from the pilot's seat to one of the side positions on the Choppa and builds around both the vehicle and the exposed vault square. While still on the Choppa, the player's partner must throw an upgrade bench item under the Choppa, which causes a glitch that, after a moment of hitching, sends the player through the enclosed vault.

As demonstrated in the video, this bug may also cause the helicopter to pop down into the vault, where you'll need to destroy it to prevent the glitching. Now, the bad part: you can't get back out unless your partner opens the vault. This means that the exploit has limited utility — one player can get into the vault to surprise an opponent, but unless there's a teleporter inside, you'll be trapped.