Fortnite bug lets players instantly open Henchmen chests

The current season of Fortnite features a spy theme that includes Henchmen, a type of AI character that patrols certain locations. These characters deal a large amount of damage, but can be knocked, searched, and carried to a Henchmen Chest. These loot boxes feature more items than ordinary chests, but require scanning a Henchman, a process that typically takes several seconds.

There's a good reason to open Henchmen chests — you get a bunch of loot that is, at minimum, at an Epic tier, as well as shields and ammo. There's a good reason to avoid these chests, too — they take too long to open, putting the player at risk of being attacked. It is difficult to break away from the chest once it starts scanning and takes another couple of seconds to toss the Henchman.

How to Open Henchmen Chest from r/FortniteCompetitive

There's a solution to this problem, though, and it comes in the form of a newly publicized bug. In a new video, streamer "RichHomieQuinn" demonstrated how to trigger a bug that instantly opens one of these large chests. Rather than carrying a Henchman, however, you'll need to dress up as one in the changing booths, otherwise, it won't work.

As demonstrated in the video above, the bug is simple to trigger; start scanning yourself, then immediately reload one of your weapons. This will cause the chest to pop open, giving direct access to the items without standing there for several seconds. The trick has been used by many streamers to get rapid access to high-powered goods.

Of course, the game's second season is almost over, meaning you have only days left to take advantage of this bug before the new season is released. It seems unlikely that Epic will bother with a patch to fix the issue given that the season is almost over, but that's yet to be seen.