Fortnite bug is causing Slurp Trucks to suddenly disappear

Slurp Trucks are an incredible resource on the Fortnite battle royale island. These semi-trucks feature a huge amount of glowing, gooey slurp — enough to fully restore your health and shields no matter how low they are. This makes them a godsend when players in need of support come across one, but a new bug is cruelly withholding the salvation by making the trucks disappear at the last moment.

The Slurp Trucks can be found on certain roads through the Fortnite island; they feature large cylinders on the back with prominent 'Slurp Co.' labeling. Players can break open the Slurp containers by repeatedly striking them with a pickaxe or shooting them with rifles. When fully broken, the tanks spray out slurp, restoring health and shields for everyone nearby.

Some players have started reporting an annoying new bug that causes these Slurp Trucks to suddenly disappear. The truck is visible in the distance, but as the player runs toward it — notably, if they look away for a moment — the truck suddenly disappears.

I'm seeing mirages from r/FortniteCompetitive

This is annoying in most cases, but can completely ruin the game for some players who are heading toward a truck as part of their game strategy. If you're out of shields and low on health, only to have the truck disappear right before you get to it, you may be left out in the open and vulnerable.

It's unclear whether the trucks were ever actually there or whether they're some type of phantom, only giving the impression of sweet salvation in the distance. Regardless, Epic will likely have a fix for the problem at some point in the future, though this problem is likely low on the list of priorities.