Fortnite Best Friendzy offers teammates free rewards they win together

Epic is rounding out Fortnite's seventh season with a new event it calls Best Friendzy. The challenge offers players the opportunity to unlock free rewards by playing with their friends; points are given based on things like how much time is spent playing together in Battle Royale and Creative modes, for example.

The new Best Friendzy challenge arrives alongside a fairly substantial update for the battle royale game, which now features redesigned menus, among other things. In order to get the free rewards, players must link their Epic accounts with the Fortnite Best Friendzy event page.

By doing this, you and your friends will be able to track the progress you make together. Epic explains that you and your teammates will get one point for every 10 minutes spent playing a battle royale match together, as well as one point for every 10 minutes of Creative gameplay. There is a cap of six points per day when it comes to Creative, however.

Every day during the event, there will also be a one-hour Daily Bonus period during which three times the number of awards are given for playing. Assuming you and your friends played for the full hour, you'd get 18 rather than six points.

The free rewards are issued on a points basis; if you get three points, you'll unlock the Outer Space Handshake; 10 points will get you the Invasion Remix Track; 20 points will earn you the Life's Beach Wrap, and 50 points will unlock the Aquari-Axe Pickaxe. The event will be live from August 31 to September 12.