Fortnite 13.20 update arrives tomorrow: What players should expect

The third season of Fortnite's second chapter is well underway and players have largely adjusted to the new environment — one primarily featuring water as a consequence of Midas and his attempt to stop the Storm forever. Though we can't say exactly what Epic has planned at this point, the company has heavily hinted at what is to come, making it easier to anticipate what tomorrow's 13.20 game update will bring.

Tomorrow, June 30, Epic will release Fortnite update version 13.20 with downtime starting at 2AM ET. Per usual, the company hasn't revealed what changes it has planned and likely won't provide much information in the form of patch notes. Official teasers and unofficial leaks, however, have hinted at what will likely arrive.

We know from the company's official Season 3 materials that Fortnite Battle Royale will be getting new types of vehicles that weren't available at launch, namely pickup trucks and various cars. We probably won't see these vehicles arrive tomorrow for one very obvious reason — there's too much water and not enough roads.

Because of this, we expect that the island's floodwaters will slowly drain away throughout the season, revealing more of the map (and destruction). This will not only keep the gameplay feeling fresher over the coming weeks, but will also make it more practical for Epic to add these new vehicles to the game.

Tomorrow's update will likely result in some of the floodwaters draining, revealing more of the hidden island. How much water Epic will remove with this update remain to be seen, however it'll likely be a noticeable amount. Notorious game leaker Lucas7yoshi recently claimed on Twitter that the water level will 'end' on July 1, meaning we may only be days away from the complete loss of the flood.