Ford updates MyFord Touch in 250k vehicles after complaints

Ford unveiled the MyFord Touch system with a lot of fanfare a couple years back. The system is an extension of sorts to the very popular and cool Sync system that Ford has in many of its vehicles. The problem with MyFord Touch from the user perspective was that the software was glitchy and the design made it very hard to use when driving.

The MyFord Touch system was so maligned that it cost Ford a lot of points in the important J.D. Power rankings. Ford is trying to improve things and has announced a new software update for vehicles with the system. The software will be rolled out to 250,000 Ford vehicles that use the MyFord Touch. Unlike most of the updates to the Sync system where the user has to plug a flash drive into their computer and save software to the drive themselves, Ford will be sending this software update out on a flash drive.

The flash drives will ship out to all 250,000 owners that have the system. The owners will also be able to roll into their local dealer and have the software update applied as well. The update is said to make big changes to the system with screens that are simpler and easier to use and understand. The text is larger as well and the buttons have shading. Ford also says that it improved the voice recognition and the system responds more quickly and is less likely to shutdown. The new software will be available next year.

[via Washington Post]