Ford unveils "Video Snacks" to educate buyers about vehicle features

Anyone who has ever purchased a new vehicle directly from a dealership knows how tedious the process can be. Very rarely can you just walk in, sign the papers, and drive away. Typically, you end up having to sit there during the long finance process while they try to sell you a number of things you don't really want and then the dealership wants to put somebody in the car with you to train you to use certain features of the vehicle.

The problem is that by the time you finally get to that feature training portion of the car buying process, all most people can think of is getting out of there. Ford has announced that it has created a series of short videos to help car buyers learn how to use the features of their vehicles on their own. Ford calls the short videos "Video Snacks."

The new videos are part of Ford's revamped Vehicle Orientation program launched this week at dealerships all around the country. The program will also send e-mail checklists to buyers along with links to the Video Snacks on Ford's website. The Video Snacks are short videos explaining how to use specific features of the car such as remote start systems, MyKey, and the Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors.

The salesperson will walk the buyer through an orientation guide for specific features that they want to learn about during delivery or on their own. The list of features the buyer wants to learn about will be e-mailed to them along with a link to the video that goes along with those features. The first video below is an overview of the program and the second video is one of the video snacks Ford is using to help train new vehicle owners.

[via Ford]