Ford Sync to add convergence between your car and music player

There's an old joke involving a conversation between Bill Gates and the CEO of Ford Motors regarding how much faster advancements in the PC industry happen than in the car industry. I'm sure you've heard it before, so I won't quote the entire joke. However, it is refreshing to see that Ford is paying attention to the consumer electronics market. They have crafted a system for cars to communicate with music players and cell phones.

The new system called Sync will allow the driver to control their music player with either buttons on the steering wheel, or with voice recognition. Also, if you're one that gets a lot of text messages, the system will also read those aloud for you.

Sync will be available as an option on the Ford Focus, Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX this fall for $395. Nine other cars will have it as an option by the end of the year.

Ford Announces Pricing for Sync System [via physorg]