Ford Sync in 3M vehicles on the road today

Shane McGlaun - Jan 3, 2011
Ford Sync in 3M vehicles on the road today

Ford has been putting Sync in some of its vehicles for a few years now. At first glance, the system might just seem like a Bluetooth hands free communications set up for driving. Sync is much more than that though offering full voice control over many aspects of the vehicle entertainment and ventilation systems. The system also has apps and Ford is constantly expanding the system.

Sync Destinations is a good example of a new app for the Sync system that allows the user to plan their route on the iPhone and then take it to the car for travel. Ford has announced that there are now 3 million vehicles on the roads with Sync inside. Ford says that its own research has shown that 80% of Sync users will recommend the system to a friend.

Ford also notes that 70% of drivers that have vehicles with Sync actually use it. Sync s a $395 option on just about any Ford vehicle today and comes standard on Lincoln models. The coolest part about Sync is that the system can be updated using a USB port in the vehicle so new features can be added as they are released.

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