Ford slashes the price on the Mustang Mach-E

Shane McGlaun - Oct 1, 2020, 7:28am CDT
Ford slashes the price on the Mustang Mach-E

An alleged official Ford dealer sheet has leaked that appears to show the automaker is making some significant price cuts for the highly anticipated Mustang Mach-E. The leaked dealer sheet indicates that the MSRP on all Premium models will be reduced by $3000. The MSRP on all CA Route 1 models will be cut by $2000.

Select and First Edition models will see $1000 price reductions. That would mean a starting MSRP for the Select RWD Mach-E of $42,895 plus the $1100 destination delivery fee. The Select AWD would sell for $45,595. The Mach-E CA Route 1 RWD will start at $49,800.

Stepping up to the Premium RWD or AWD will cost $47,000 and $49,700, respectively, after the $3000 discount. First Edition models will now sell for $58,300. The document also shows that 2021 model units invoiced before September 29, 2020, will be re-invoiced at the new price level.

Automatic price protection is provided on all orders and reservations taken prior to September 29. That means even if you agreed to purchase the Mach-E at the previously higher pricing, you would receive the new discount. Ford has requested that dealers reach out to existing reservation holders to inform them of the price reduction.

Whether or not that happens depends on the dealership, and no one should be surprised if they don’t receive that call. Reservation and order holders were supposed to receive an email from Ford about the price reduction on September 29. Any reservation holders who did receive that email might want to check your spam folders. Customers who wish to buy a more expensive unit now that the price has been reduced will be allowed to do that.

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