Ford reveals the Puma ST Gold Edition designed by fans

Ford held a contest on social media allowing Europeans to help design a special edition version of the Puma ST. The automaker says nearly 275,000 people voted to help create the Puma ST Gold Edition, seen in the images below. The name and specifications for the car have been officially revealed.

Ford offered two color options for the vehicle's exterior, with black winning with 56 percent of the vote and gray being the losing color. Fans got to choose the color of the brake calipers, with red receiving 74 percent of the vote and black being the losing color.

Puma ST fans chose gray seatbelt stitching by an overwhelming 87 percent margin compared to black. Ford offered fans the ability to choose between exterior decals consisting of lines or stripes, with 74 percent of the voters choosing lines. Surprisingly, most fans chose the vehicle to be fitted with ST badges by an overwhelming margin of 79 percent compared to going badgeless.

Two scuff plate options included plates that read "Puma" or "Ford Performance," with the Puma option winning by a narrow 53 percent margin. Fans also narrowly chose a pride plate that read "ST" rather than "Puma" by 55 percent.

The name for the car was chosen to be Puma ST Gold Edition by a narrow 59 percent margin compared to Puma ST 24K Edition. Fans certainly chose right on the name. Power for the car will come from a 200 PS 1.5-liter EcoBoost that pushes the vehicle from a stop to 62 mph in 6.7 seconds. The vehicle also has selectable Drive Modes, including Sport, Track, and Eco. The Gold Edition will be produced in limited numbers, with deliveries starting towards the end of 2021. Ford has offered no details on pricing or how limited production the vehicle will be.