Ford Performance launches 2015-2019 Shelby GT350 Certificate of Authenticity package

Any car person who's been to a car show knows that there are plenty of people out there who buy regular versions of sports cars, like the Mustang, and then make them up to look like limited-edition versions. This practice can muddy the waters for real versions of these performance cars, such as the GT350 and GT350R.

To help owners of authentic versions of these specialty vehicles prove that their cars are the real deal, Ford Performance has recently launched a 2015 through 2019 Shelby GT350/GT350R Certificate of Authenticity Package. Only owners of legitimate GT350 cars are able to purchase the authenticity kit. The package includes a Ford Certificate of Authenticity along with a VIN decoder and Production Summary Chart.

The kit also includes a poster, certificates sleeve, window sticker, and disc brake rotor & caliper business cardholder. Buyers also get a cobra keychain. Ford says that many of these items were included in the Owners Supplement that came with the GT350 when it was initially sold. That means owners of these special vehicles who weren't the original buyers and get some of the items that originally shipped with their vehicle.

Shelby cars are likely to be collectible in the future, and having all of these items could help improve the value while improving the car's legitimacy to any future buyer. Ford does note that documents and images could vary slightly due to changes year-to-year in the original GT350 owners supplement kits. It promises that each order will include the "period correct" documentation and imagery.

Those who order the certificate of authenticity package, which sells for $129.95 can also opt for an optional frame for the certificate of authenticity. The frame is 11.5 by 14-inches and has a 1.5-inch mat around the perimeter and gloss black finish for an additional $50.