Ford on track to hit 2.2 million US sales in 2012

Eric Abent - Dec 31, 2012, 9:28am CST
Ford on track to hit 2.2 million US sales in 2012

If you’re a loyal Ford owner, then you might like to know that 2012 is shaping up to be another great year for the company. Ford announced today that it’s on track to hit 2.2 million US sales in 2012, marking the second consecutive year it settles above the the 2 million mark. That isn’t bad at all, especially when you consider Ford’s claim that it’s the only manufacturer to hit 2 million sales in the US since 2007.

Ford’s announcement shoveled a lot of praise on the Focus, which is the best-selling nameplate of 2012 according to Polk new vehicle registration numbers. Those numbers show that 737,856 new Ford Focus cars were registered in the period between January and September, so the number of new registrations might be a touch higher here in December. In addition, Polk named the Ford Fiesta the world’s best-selling B-car, racking up 560,061 new registrations in the same period.

The accolades don’t stop with just the Focus and the Fiesta, though, as the F-Series’ 576,339 new registrations was enough to make it the world’s fourth best-selling nameplate of the year. This means that Ford has three cars in Polk’s top ten for 2012, making it the only company to pull that off this year. Not too bad, Ford.

Finally, Ford says that total EcoBoost-powered car sales should top 520,000 by the time everything is tallied up. This figure counts all of the sales since EcoBoost was introduced back in 2009, so no, Ford didn’t sell more than half a million EcoBoost cars in 2012 alone. Still, those a pretty encouraging numbers for environmentally-minded consumers, so let’s hope Ford keeps it up!

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