Ford offers free SYNCMyPhone app for SYNC users

One of the coolest features on many Ford cars and trucks is the SYNC system. SYNC lets drivers find music and make and receive phone calls hands free. The SYNC system is basically big, fancy hands free Bluetooth car kit.

Ford has announced that it has added a new feature to SYNC based on user requests. The new feature is called SYNCMyPhone and it allows the user to sync contacts and address books with the car system. The app is installed on a computer and the contact lists can be made from the user's mobile phone.

Once the contact lists are created, the list can then be uploaded to the car via the USB port. The cool thing about the contact lists is that you can choose which contacts to sync with the car. That means if you have 1000 people in your list, but only talk to 20 you can just add those 20. The application supports up to 1200 contacts.