Ford launches Mustang Mach-E Remote Vehicle Setup app

Electric vehicle fans are waiting in anticipation for their new all-electric Mustang Mach-E vehicles to arrive. Depending on which version of the electric car fans preordered, they could still be waiting a long time before the vehicle turns up. However, Ford is letting Mach-E customers begin their personalization of the EV using the new Remote Vehicle Setup app from a smartphone or computer.

The app will allow owners to set their favorite destinations, find nearby charging stations, change temperature settings, and input commute schedules from the comfort of their home before the vehicle arrives. With the app, users will be able to create a profile, set navigation destinations, and choosing a preferred drive experience.

Head of the official delivery of their Mach-E, the configuration settings will be held in the cloud before being sent to their vehicle after delivery. By pre-configuring the settings, customers will be able to begin driving as soon as they take delivery of their vehicle. At the dealership during delivery, the owner will send those personalized settings to the vehicle from their smartphone.

After the preferences are saved to the vehicle, they can be managed via Remote Vehicle Setup on the FordPass app or directly within the vehicle. Ford says that Remote Vehicle Setup will send the settings to the SYNC 4A system inside the Mach-E. That system uses machine learning to learn the driver's preferences and gets better over time things to over the air updates.

An update that allows users to customize radio presets before the vehicle is delivered is coming. That update would mean as soon as the driver and passengers get into the vehicle, the radio will already be programmed with their favorite stations. One of the key capabilities of the vehicle and its connected technology is the ability to find charging stations along the driving route using the FordPass app. The first Mach-E deliveries will begin near the end of the year.