Ford Focus EV expected to grab 100mpg rating

The production of the 2012 Ford Focus EV has kicked off. Ford is stating that it expects the car to be rated at the equivalent 100 mpg. I still don't like that the ratings on EVs that don't use gas being given in miles per gallon. An EPA rating for true driving distance would make more sense to me and make comparing EVs easier.

One of the best features about the Focus EV is that the car can charge in half the time it takes the Leaf to charge fully. Ford claims that the Focus EV needs only a bit more than three hours to charge fully on a 240V charging system. Nissan rates the Leaf for a driving range of 100 miles.

Ford says that the focus EV will be good for 70 to 100 miles on a charge depending on driving style. The environment plays a roll in how far an EV can drive as well. The Focus EV will sell for $39,995 making it about the same price as the Volt and over $5,000 more expensive than the Leaf EV. Ford will have a tough time with that price. Dealers in California, New York, and New Jersey are taking pre-orders on the Focus EV now.

[via Freep]