Ford Edge Concept gets self-parking tech

Ford officially unveiled a new concept car at the LA Auto show this week called the Ford Edge Concept. Ford says that the new concept car offers "strong hints" at the technology and dynamic design that will go into the company's future utility vehicles for global sale. The Edge Concept doesn't look much like a concept car, it looks very much ready for showrooms.

The concept car does get lots of interesting technology inside including autonomous parking technology. The self-parking tech also includes obstacle avoidance systems that are being developed by Ford. The technology includes semi and full autonomous driving options.

The self-parking technology includes push button and remotely controlled parking features that can be used inside or outside the vehicle. Ford says that its sensor-based driver assist technologies are forming the building blocks for future autonomous driving. The fully assisted parking aid is a prototype technology that Ford says builds on its current active park features.

The fully assisted parking aid will allow drivers to have the car pull out of a crowded space remotely making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle. Ford also has a research project going now with a goal of refining advanced obstacle avoidance systems. The research project is attempting to develop warning systems that will tell drivers when slow-moving or stationary objects are in the same lane ahead. If the driver fails to take action to avoid the obstacle, the car will take over and steer or brake the vehicle.