Ford Bronco First Edition buyers have the option of an exclusive color

When Ford first opened the order banks for the new Bronco, the first version to sell out was the Bronco First Edition. The vehicle is limited to 7000 units across the nation. Ford has now confirmed that the vehicle will be available in an exclusive color that no other versions of the Bronco can have. Reservation holders can specify their Bronco First Edition in a color called Lightning Blue.The color isn't exclusive to the Bronco. It has been used in the past on other cool Ford vehicles, including the Raptor, GT350, and Ranger. The only image we have of a Bronco First Edition in Lightning Blue is Ford's rendering above. It's an attractive color on the Bronco.

The vehicle doesn't have too much of one color, thanks to all the black trim and features. One mystery is if the Lightning Blue exclusive color will be an extra cost add-on. However, it seems likely that the color will be free, and buyers will only need to choose it since no extra-cost options were announced for the First Edition. One of the big features of that version of the Bronco was that it comes with everything.

First Edition buyers get every off-road feature, every piece of luxury equipment, special emblems, and the black hardtop along with other items. Considering everything available was included on the Bronco First Edition, it would make sense that the choice of paint color would be included as well.

The First Edition two-door will cost $60,800 while the four-door costs $64,995. There will be cheaper Broncos, and we can't help but wonder what the real price will be after dealer markups are added. The Bronco First Edition is scheduled to be delivered starting in June 2021.