FollowUs unveils GPS Watch in UK

When I was a kid I had one of those huge Casio watches with the tiny calculator built-in. It was high-tech enough back in the day that I used it to pass more than one math test without my teacher's knowledge. A new GPS Watch has been unveiled by a UK firm called FollowUs that reminds me a lot of that boxy (and ugly) calculator watch from my youth.

The GPS Watch is just what it sounds like, a wristwatch that tells time and allows big brother to keep an eye on you wherever you may go during your day. The watch is powered by a lithium battery and can be used for tracking kids, elderly patients, and employees in high-risk environments.

The tracking service is pay-as-you-go so you don't have to pay a monthly fee for tracking you may only need once a week. Each search for the wearer costs about as much as two text messages according to the manufacturer. The search results are accurate to five meters, and the GPS Watch uses Google global mapping. The battery is good for 25 hours of run time per charge and the watch is available now for £199 (+VAT).