Foldable OLED production for Google Pixel scheduled to start in October

One of the more anticipated Google smartphones is the rumored Pixel Fold. One of the key components enabling that device is a screen produced by Samsung Display. A new report has surfaced that says Samsung Display will begin production of the folding OLED panel for Google starting in October. Google isn't the only smartphone manufacturer who will receive the folding screens from Samsung.

In October, production will also begin for Vivo and Xiaomi. Rumors suggest that all three of those companies intend to reveal folding phones in Q4 of this year. Rumors suggest Google's Pixel Fold, or whatever its official name ends up being, will feature a folding 7.6-inch display. The model being produced by Vivo will reportedly feature an eight-inch main screen along with a 6.5-inch outer screen.

Vivo's eight-inch main screen will feature a 3.4 to 3 ratio screen that Samsung Display will build at its A3 factory line at a plant in South Korea. The 6.5-inch outer screen will be made by a different company called BOE. Samsung Display is also the builder for the main screen on the next folding device offered by Xiaomi, which will also have an accessory screen manufactured by CSOT.

The report also claims that Oppo has delayed the launch of its folding smartphone until 2022. Oppo has been collaborating with Sony Display for the in-folding clamshell display panel. When unfolded, that device has a 7.1-inch screen and is expected to feature an outer screen between 1.5-inches and 2-inches in size.

Huawei had reportedly initially planned to use folding panels from Samsung Display but ended those talks. Sources who claim to be familiar with the deal say Huawei instead will use BOE to produce its folding screens. Samsung has a big year planned for folding devices of its own with the goal of shipping between 6 million and 7 million units.