FM Radio fits right in with the bathroom sink

If you're a gadget lover and like to sing while washing your hands, while in the shower or what have you, you'll love this FM Tap radio. Yes, it's a radio that looks like a water faucet and can actually mount on your bathroom counter.


Now, I realize that sounds weird, but it fits right in. The FM radio is waterproof, so you don't have worry about splash and it has fairly intuitive controls. For instance, to turn the radio on, just turn the tap handle clockwise. To turn up the volume, continue turning the control clockwise. Do the exact opposite to turn it off or turn down the volume.

If you decide you want to change the station, just press the button. Simple stuff, really. And it actually kind of looks like a faucet, which is a plus. You can get your very own FM Tap radio for about $20.

[via Coolbuzz]