FlyRad scooter thingy combines a unicycle with rollerblades

I always figured that the unicycle was the invention of a man who was into self mutilation. What other method of transport can you crush your gonads and your face on at the same time? A dude has invented a new unicycle device called the FlyRad that is sort of like a unicycle with training wheels.

The training wheels in this case are a pair of rollerblades. The FlyRad has a battery and a little seat on it and the rider sits on it and uses the rollerblades to keep balance. There is no need to balance the FlyRad, and it appears to use the tops of the thighs to support most of the weight of the device.

The thing comes in sizes for adults, teens, and kids and has a 500W electric motor with a 36V battery in the adult version. The thing weighs about 53 pounds and can hit 25 mph with a traveling range of 31 miles on a single charge. It takes four hours to charge the thing fully. Those with the need for speed can get 1000W motor and stronger batteries.