Flybrix is a drone made of LEGO that you can crash

Drones are fun stuff, but most ready to use products are either too pricey to have some rugged fun with or too cheap to even be rugged. On the other hand, building a drone yourself is no walk in the park and requires tinkerers to know how one works even before they start the project. Enter Flybrix, a drone that is both toy and teaching tool that can be built, taken apart, and rebuilt again using the most reusable parts known to man, woman, and child: LEGO bricks.

So yes, Flybrix is a drone made mostly out of LEGO bricks, of course with a circuit board controller and motors to make the thing fly. It even includes a LEGO minifig to act as the drone's "pilot". And if you think that this LEGO drone will fall apart the moment it crashes into something solid, you're absolutely right! And that is exactly the point in the first place.

Flybrix was designed to be easy to assemble, whether for the first time or the umpteenth time. And while certain parts detach on impact, because of the way LEGO works, you can simply just pick up the pieces, literally, and start again. And since this is LEGO, once you get the hang of the basics, you can extend the build into wilder forms or ideas.

The product is intended to be something that's immediately useful and fun as a drone, requiring only 15 minutes to put together and a smartphone app to control. However, it is also meant to be something that helps teach science, robotics, physics, and all those fun subjects, without requiring a rocket science degree beforehand.

Flybrix is not just the "love child" of LEGO and technology but also of MIT and Caltech alumni. It is available for purchase at a time-limited launch price of $149 and $189, for a basic and a deluxe kit, respectively. Standard retail prices are $189 and $249.

SOURCE: Flybrix