Flipbac adds angled viewing to any camera

For some reason digital cameras with displays that tilt and swivel have managed to come back time and time again in one form or another. Implementing these LCD displays often create unneeded and unwanted bulk to a camera that was otherwise fairly slim.

The Flipbac is an angled mirror that reflects whatever you have displayed on your LCD screen, simulating the angle of a screen that tilts. You can use this reflecting mirror's dual-hinge design to enhance either landscape or portrait mode.  The Flipbac also acts as a screen protector to protect from scratches when not in use

Best of all the Flipbac does not add much thickness to your camera. The major drawback here is the way the picture is displayed, since it is in fact a mirror the image will be backwards. Flipbac is compatible with most cameras with a 3-inch display. This handy device is priced a little more that we would like for a mirror at $19.99 and is currently shipping to Australia.