Flic wireless buttons control smartphone functions at a click

Controlling all the features of a smartphone can be difficult for someone new to smartphones. People who have had a smartphone for a long time sometimes wish for shortcuts that can perform a specific action with a single press. For either of those groups there is a new product called Flic. Flic is a smart button that can be mapped to specific functions on a smartphone.

Once the Flic button is set up, the user can press it to perform a simple action without having to touch the device. You can use Flic for all sorts of actions from remotely activating your camera, to snoozing your alarm, playing music, and finding your smartphone if you lose it.

Flic can also be used in the car to perform functions without having to dig your phone out of a pocket where you can become distracted. If you have a smartphone that is controlled using a smartphone app, you can control your lights with a click. The buttons can also be used for one click dialing of specific people on your call list.

The Flic wireless smart buttons are on Indiegogo right now seeking $80,000. The project has raised more than twice that amount of money so far with over $204,000 raised and 40 days left to go. A single Flic will cost $27 and will ship by March 2015.

SOURCE: Indiegogo