Flexible color touchscreen tech for eReaders coming from PVI

The eReader market is booming with devices coming from many different companies and at many different price points. The eReader is set to become popular this year with products coming out of the woodwork just as we have seen in the netbook market.

The big issue today with most eReaders from a publisher standpoint is that they are not color screen devices. Once the screens can handle colors, we will see more publishers, especially in the magazine arena start to look seriously at eReaders as a publishing platform. The tech needed for color eReaders could be closer than we think according to Prime View International (PVI). The company has announced that it plans to offer electrophoretic displays (EPDs) in 2010 that will support animation and touch interfaces.

The company also plans to unveil screens this year that are in full color and are flexible. The PVI touch capable eReaders will use pressure sensors under the screens rather than on top of the screen like current eReaders use. Using the sensor under the screen will increase transmittance. Screens produced this year will also have response times capable of supporting animation.