Flex Lighting shows off integrated light for eBook readers

eReaders like the Amazon Kindle and others are great for reading in a bright room or outdoors since they last a long time and have little glare for the user to contend with. The downside to the design is that the eReaders lack a backlight inside so if you want to read in a dark room you need an external light of some sort for the reader to be able to see the words.

Those external lights add bulk and they don't look very nice either. The Qualcomm mirasol eReader uses an internal light that is similar to the light in the cool demo that Flex Lighting is showing off on video. The demo shows off a new LED-based light that is used inside an eReader eliminating the need for that external light.

The Flex Lighting light layer can be turned on or off and promises to slurp little power when on. It also claims to not interfere with normal operation of the eReader when the light isn't on. The special light layer is designed to offer a more uniform distribution of light making it operate more like a traditional backlight. Check out the video below to see the demo for yourself.

[via Electronista]