Flex Display Phone Concept Features 5-Inch Sliding Screen

Some of the best concept designs out there come in the small form of a cell phone. There's a lot of place to use a designer's ingenuity in there, especially considering you have a lot of people you have to make happy with just one design. But, that's where things like the Flex Display Phone concept come in, we imagine. It's designed to give you everything you need, all while still retaining that small form factor.

While it may be confusing at first to look at, once you realize that the device would be utilizing flexible display technology, then it all starts to make sense. And, as you can see from the images, the design isn't meant to work around a physical keyboard, but focuses more on the touchscreen outlook on things. Right there, though, might make more people not want the device, rather than want it.

Flipping open the outer shell, you will be able to use the flexible display to "slide" it upward, so that instead of having a 3-inch display, you now have a 5-inch one. Great for when you want to send a long email, but don't want to squint the entire time you do it. The designer, one Hank Chen from Taiwan, obviously intends this to give the owner everything they want, without having to utilize many difference devices. And we're all for that. We're just hoping that at some point, the device itself gets a little thinner.

[via The Design Blog]